National Park Photo Contest Winners – 2014

2014 Grand Prize: Mike Wheeler with his photo of a grizzly and two cubs in Grand Teton National Park. Also winners Dana Raynor and Jonathan O'Reilly

The winners to the 2014 National Park Trips Photographic Memories Contest are in. We had 553 entries in all – lots of fantastic photos. Although the contest rules say we will award three Tamron lenses for the top three entries, we just couldn’t let some of these photos go without acknowledgement. So, we added 13 honorable mention winners, and show you another 14 great shots to ohhhh and ahhhh over.

Grand Prize Winner

Mike Wheeler - Checking out the scenery - Bear 399 and her three cubs in Grand Teton National Park
Mike Wheeler

Mike Wheeler – Checking out the Scenery
“Photo was taken in May at the Grand Tetons National Park. I was surprised when I found out it was Bear #399 and her cubs.”

Mike won a Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD (for Canon, Nikon and Sony Full-Frame and APS-C DSLR cameras; $1069 value)

Runner Up

Dana Raynor - Nature's Jewels - Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park
Dana Raynor

Dana Raynor – Nature’s Jewels
“The jewel-toned rocks that line the bottom of Lake McDonald were the real highlight of our trip to Glacier National Park in July ’14. I had been waiting years to see them!”

Dana won a Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC PZD (for Canon, Nikon and Sony APS-C DSLR cameras; $449 value)

2nd Runner Up

Jonathan O'Reilly - Sand Dune Arch, Arches National Park
Jonathan O’Reilly

Jonathan O’Reilly – Sand Dune Arch
“One of the quieter attractions at Arches National Park, Sand Dune Arch is located between a forest of tall sandstone fins providing for a refuge from the strong Utah sun.”

Jonathan won a Tamron 10-24m Di II LD (for Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony APS-C DSLR cameras; $449 value)

Honorable Mention – Landscape

Winners receive a camera bag from Tamron.

Mark Richards - Grand - \
Mark Richards

Mark Richards – Grand
“Springtime at Grand Canyon NP. Great time and place for a mini family reunion!”

Rollin Rissinger - Gettysburg Battlefield\
Rollin Rissinger

Rollin Rissinger – Gettysburg Battlefield
“Infrared image of Cemetery Ridge. Photo taken July, 2014.”

Jonah Westrich - Mammatus Clouds & Rainbow Over Yellowstone Lake
Jonah Westrich

Jonah Westrich – Mammatus Clouds & Rainbow Over Yellowstone Lake
“During a backpacking trip we were fortunate enough to catch a beautiful storm over Yellowstone Lake. A rainbow appeared while surrounded by ever-changing mammatus clouds.”

Doug Palmer - Lone Bison at Grand Prismatic Spring
Doug Palmer

Doug Palmer – Lone Bison at Grand Prismatic Spring
“Climbed a hill near Grand Prismatic Spring to get a better vantage for picture taking. Breathtaking views, then a single bison appeared and walked right in front of the spring.”

Royce Nowlin - Winter time at Half Dome Mountain
Royce Nowlin

Royce Nowlin – Winter time at Half Dome Mountain
“Late December of 2013 , I visited Yosemite Nat Park. My first shot of the day was about 530 pm with a Tamron 24-70 of Famous Mt. Half Dome.”

Other Great Landscape Photos

These photos were also great shots. (We wish we had more prizes!)

Brian Menasco - Yavapai Point Sunrise
Brian Menasco

Brian Menasco – Yavapai Point Sunrise
“Spring break 2014, sunrise at Grand canyon NP. Tried to get the sun hidden but at the same time setting the clouds on fire.”

Alan Davis - Death Valley in December
Alan Davis

Alan Davis – Death Valley in December
“Cloud Structure.”

Tim Fleming - Pilgrim Creek Sunrise
Tim Fleming

Tim Fleming – Pilgrim Creek Sunrise
“Mid June, 2014. Sunrise at Pilgrim Creek pond in Grand Tetons National Forest.”

Jimmy Nogawa - Blue Star Spring
Jimmy Nogawa

Jimmy Nogawa – Blue Star Spring
“Blue Star Spring, Yellowstone National Park May 2013.”

Greg Griffin - Sunset near Old Faithful
Greg Griffin

Greg Griffin – Sunset near Old Faithful
“Shot July 2014. Just finished a long hike back to the Village.”

Chris Adams - Cathedral Rock Sunrise
Chris Adams

Chris Adams – Cathedral Rock Sunrise
“My first visit to Yosemite…Cathedral Rock at sunrise and a cup of coffee – amazing.”

Luis Salavarria - Sunset in Yosemite
Luis Salavarria

Luis Salavarria – Sunset in Yosemite
“This was taken in September 2013 just as the sun illuminated El Capitan before setting.”

Patricia Knight - Cholla Cactus Garden, Joshua Tree National Park
Patricia Knight

Patricia Knight – Cholla Cactus Garden, Joshua Tree National Park
“Not many people get to see the Cholla Cactus Garden after dark and its a magical sight to see after hours when there is a full moon.”

Honorable Mention – Wildlife

Winners receive a camera bag from Tamron.

Jose Hernandez - Oxbow Bend Mother Moose and Calf
Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez – Oxbow Bend Mother Moose and Calf
“Grand Teton National Park. Oxbow Bend, mother and calf crossing the water. Walking in shallow water, then swam to the other side.”

Linda Labbe - Wakeup Stretch
Linda Labbe

Linda Labbe – Wakeup Stretch
“Springtime wildlife activity in the park is at a peak and the energy so contagious. It was a delight to find so much to view and enjoy.”

Frank Madia - Black Bear Near Indian Creek Campground YNP
Frank Madia

Frank Madia – Black Bear Near Indian Creek Campground YNP
“Cinnamon colored black bear eating dandelion heads.”

Michelle Gross - The Day of the Condors
Michelle Gross

Michelle Gross – The Day of the Condors
“This image was captured in July of this year (2014). While walking along the south rim I noticed these 3 condors posing on the cliffs of the canyon.”

Cheryl Weiler - Mama bear and her three babies
Cheryl Weiler

Cheryl Weiler – Mama bear and her three babies
“Smoky Mts in the Fall of 2013.”

Other Great Wildlife Shots

These photos were also great shots. (We wish we had more prizes!)

Henry Jacoby - Laughing Moose
Henry Jacoby

Henry Jacoby – Laughing Moose
“Moosehead Lake, Maine”

Sarah Fenton - Elk Showdown
Sarah Fenton

Sarah Fenton – Elk Showdown
“This photo was taken in September during the elk rut. 2 bull elk at Mammoth Hot Springs had a showdown on this fall evening over a group of cow elk. This was an amazing fight.”

Megan Lorenz - Tired Marmot
Megan Lorenz

Megan Lorenz – Tired Marmot
“Yawning Yellow-Bellied Marmot in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.”

Christine Chenevey - Young Moose and Red-Wing Blackbird
Christine Chenevey

Christine Chenevey – Young Moose and Red-Wing Blackbird
“Early morning at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park 2013. A young moose and red-wing blackbird having words as the moose ate near the birds nest in the bog area.”

Kristina Kugler - Moose Lunch Break
Kristina Kugler

Kristina Kugler – Moose Lunch Break
“Sprague Lake at the end of May. We just talked about never seeing a moose in all our travels and then a minute later we walked around a bend to find this guy!”

Honorable Mention – People

Winners receive a camera bag from Tamron.

Doug Conrad - Coffee To Go
Doug Conrad

Doug Conrad – Coffee To Go
“Black Hills Buffalo Roundup Sept. 2013. Travel is not always about the beautiful scenery but also about the people you meet.”

Mike Orrill - Meeting on Bright Angel Trail
Mike Orrill

Mike Orrill – Meeting on Bright Angel Trail
“My wife and I were backpacking down the trail when we met this mule party coming up. She almost squeezed herself into the canyon wall to make room.”

Tom Luhmann - How long do I have to wait?
Tom Luhmann

Tom Luhmann – How long do I have to wait?
“A young boy with his fishing pole waiting for a bite at Sprague Lake.”

Other Great People Photos

These photos were also great shots. (We wish we had more prizes!)

Caroline Stella - Smile for the Camera
Caroline Stella

Caroline Stella – Smile for the Camera
“This photo was taken at the overlook at Yosemite in June of 2011. I was concerned that these young boys were sitting on the wall, but it made for an interesting photo.”

Tom Luhmann - What a View
Tom Luhmann

Tom Luhmann – What a View
“Hiker on the trail from Nymph Lake to Dream Lake”