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First Look: Aventure Step-Through Ebike

This all-new adventure-ready ebike from Aventon is the ultimate way to explore our national parks.

It’s no secret that when it comes to national parks, the experience is best out in the open air, not puttering around in cars and RVs on paved roadways, peering out through smudged windows, stepping outside only at overlooks to snap a few photos. 

But in the modern era, overcrowding is making access more and more difficult. The sublime Zion Canyon in Zion National Park, for example, is now solely accessible by shuttle bus almost year-round, save for a brief stretch in the winter, and many other parks, particularly in the West, are instituting similar procedures. 

Enter the Aventure Step-Through Ebike.

This accessible, versatile ebike sports a  45-mile range on average on a single charge and a 28-mph top speed, making it perfect for venturing into and throughout our national parks. It tackles pavement with ease, but can also head onto rougher trail, thanks to a rugged 80 mm suspension system, 4-inch fat tires, and integrated fenders that keep you clean from dirt and mud.


This variant on their popular Aventure Ebike also features a “step-through” frame (a frame without a top-tube or bar across the upper linear portion of the bike). This makes for faster mounting and dismounting, since you can simply swing your leg through the frame, and overall provides a more accessible riding experience for the elderly, disabled, and others with mobility issues, or riders wearing dresses, skirts, or baggy pants.

A variety of affordable Aventon accessories, such as front and rear racks for luggage, high-powered headlights, and a compact trailer to tow your little ones, add to the ebike’s versatility.

In short, the Aventure Step-Through is an excellent alternate transport system to explore our national parks. This rugged ebike lets you skip the congested shuttle bus lines at overcrowded parks like Zion and ride right into the park. Motorized power and the speed to go on-road when you want, the freedom to go off-trail and power yourself with your legs when you don’t… and fresh, open air around you the entire time.